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Xiamen Aiqier Technology Co., Ltd.

Water Purifier

Kitchen Appliances
Water Purifier


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Kitchen Appliances  -  Water Softener

Offer Post Time: 2009-03-23

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Carriage: FOB CHINA


Minimum Order Quantity: 2009 Unit

Price: 2009.00 RMB

1, filters the grit, the rust, the silt, the  phosphorus pollution nature, each kind of colloid, removes different  deleterious substance and so on color unusual smell, chemistry toxin,  chloroform and under-water viral toxin heavy metal. 

 2, uses RO  filters the technology, 0.0001 micron ultra small aperture, remove the under-water heavy metal. 

3, joins " the biochemistry ceramics ball "  filters the level, the biochemistry ceramics ball richly contains 10  kind of human bodies must the mineral substance, the biochemistry  ceramics ball release the high suburb can the remote infrared ray  energy, the biochemistry ceramics ball cause the water to assume the  weak basicity, the biochemistry ceramics ball release high efficiency  calcium ion (strengthened skeleton), the biochemistry ceramics ball  strengthening oxidation reduction hydrone, the biochemistry ceramics  ball shreds the hydrone structure enable the water to have the ion  water the suburb energy, the biochemistry ceramics ball release high  efficiency anoin energy (above 800/cc), sweetly causes the water to be delicious. 

Use:  The date commonly used water (makes tea, to take a  bath, the SPA hot spring) the tap water, cleans the sparse vegetable  and the fruit clothing offers a far-fetched interpretation the  cultivation uses the water, Shui national minority to breed and so on.