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Xiamen Aiqier Technology Co., Ltd.

Water Purifier

Kitchen Appliances
Water Purifier


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Kitchen Appliances  -  Water Purifier

Offer Post Time: 2009-03-23

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Carriage: FOB CHINA


Minimum Order Quantity: 2009 Unit

Price: 2009.00 RMB

Water Purification Filter




1. Adopting materical with opening design, clear process and convenient maintenace.
2. High quality TFC compound Romembrane treatment crafts with very low pressure and the capacity of desalinization ration comes to 98% at least.
3. Auto-check conductance display guarantee watching water quality.
4. Multi medium beforehand filter increases the capacity of water treatment.

5. Adopts high efficiency active carbon filter which can wipes chlorine of raw water, protect RO membrane and adjust the taste.
6. Safe and reliable electrical system designequipment auto stop protection when open circuit, short circuit and creepage.
7. Intelligent circuit design equipment auto stop and run when high or low level water.
8. RO membaranes auto wash and manual wash, which can protect RO membrane easily.



Power Supply: Input Power: Heating Power: Cooling Power: Applicable Water Source: Input Water Pressure: Hot Water Temperature: Cold Water Temperature: Working Temperature:

Water Storage Capacity:  Size(mm):


1. Pretreatment: multi-media filter, AC filter, softener, brine tank.
2. RO system: prefilter, filter cartridge, high pressure pump, motor, membrane.
    housing, RO membrane, low pressure switch, high pressure gauge, low pressure
    gauge, flow meter, concentrate adjust valve, electrical control, inlet solenoid
3. Other specifications are available at the request of customers.